European Molecular Discovery Training in MetaSite / MassmetaSite / WebMetabase / MassChemSite

May, 14-16th 2018
Molecular Discovery is organizing a Training at the Molecular Discovery Headquarters in Monte-lino (Italy) on the 14th-16th of May 2018.
The aim of the training will be the “Use of Webmetabase in Drug Discovery for both Met ID specialist and chemists”. The Training will be divided in two parts depending on the interest: The first part will be focused on the processing of the metabolism data for small molecules and peptides and will be done on the 14th – 15th of May 2018. While the second part will be dedicated to the use of the data in drug discovery, how to design compounds, computational tools to mine the information. This second part will be done on the 15-16th of May 2018.